Meet Kali's puppies!!!
Sorry but all the pups are sold.

Max  (Brindle)

Lightning (Brindle)
Sold to Mark

Virginia (Flashy Brindle)

Lady (Brindle)
Sold to Angie

Brandi (Brindle)

Jake (Brindle)
Sold to Nick & Melissa

Sadie (Fawn)
Sold to Josh 

Sasha (Fawn)
Sold to Gloria and Todd

Boris (Flashy Tan)
Sold to Gloria and Todd

This isn't the order they were born...

Names in blue denotes females.  Males are in red.

These names are not their registered name.. 
Whomever purchases the pups gets to name them,
we just needed a something to call 'em besides li'l stinker!

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